Groveling to Grover — I had to add John Boehner’s quote.

I first finished this QuiltToon™  in Aug. 2011 But couldn’t help adding the Nov. 3, 2011 quote from Speaker of the House, Rep. John Boehner, when he said that Grover Norquist is “some random person.”  What a perfect “dis” for this self-appointed guardian of all things American!  However, as I said before in August:  one can hardly fault Grover Norquist for asking elected officials and wannabes to sign his “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” generally called the “No New Taxes Pledge.”  It’s a free country.  What bugs me is that those elected officials actually sign it!  They give over their freedom to make decisions in the best interest of the country to Mr. Norquist.  It seems to me, their allegiance should be to their constituents and to the Constitution not to an un-elected, self-appointed guardian of tax-payers who may, or may not, agree with his stance. (I’m sure you’re aware that if a politician signs the pledge and then would feel the need to vote for a tax, Mr. Norquist, wrapped in the American flag, would do his best to ensure that the politician did not win office the next time he/she was up for election.)  I guess if America was attacked on all four borders at once, our Senators and Representatives on the right would have to call Grover for permission to vote for taxes in order to properly defend our country!   Something’s not right here.

QuiltToon  is 21″ X 27″.  Machine pieced and top-stitched.  Hand and machine appliquéd and embroidered.  Fusible webbing used in part.  Small amount of beading. Completed Aug. 2011.  Added title and Boehner quote in Feb. 2012.

 The Photo and Text © 2011


About QuiltToonist

I'm a news junkie and have opinions about everything! I consider myself a folk artist because I have no formal art training and use the sewing skills I learned many moons ago to accomplish the fiber art I seem to have to express.
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