Voter Registration or Is It Suppression?

OK, OK, so no one would be required to have all that documentation, including “the kitchen sink” (if Rush Limbaugh can be absurd, I guess I can too.)  However, it is true that people in some states are having to travel many miles and purchase birth certificates or IDs which can lead to some folks  opting out of the process — in Ohio the cost to get your birth certificate is $21.50, an Ohio State ID is $8.50, plus traveling to a Deputy Registrar’s Office to have your picture taken and, of course, you must provide proof of the following:  full legal name, date of birth, Social Security number (if one has ever been assigned), legal presence (U.S. Birth Certificate, valid U.S. Passport/Passport Card, naturalization papers, USCIS documents), and residency.  A Passport costs more than $100 and takes up to 10 weeks to receive it — but wait, you would need some of those documents above to apply for the Passport.  I’m glad I am already registered to vote!  An article titled, “Voter Suppression 101” at outlines many of the states’ new laws surrounding voter registration that have as their stated aim the curbing of voter fraud, even though cases of voter fraud are few and far between, if any exist at all.  I’m not sure why I put the determined voter in a desert — I guess one could say our Democracy is being abandoned like the little motor home — and, is the Calvary riding in to save citizens or just the opposite???

QuiltToon is 26″ X 19″.  Machine pieced, and top-stitched. Hand and machine appliquéd.  Completed April 2012.

 The copyright of the image on the QuiltToon™   the photo and text remain with Judy Paschalis.



About QuiltToonist

I'm a news junkie and have opinions about everything! I consider myself a folk artist because I have no formal art training and use the sewing skills I learned many moons ago to accomplish the fiber art I seem to have to express.
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