Go Fly a Kite!

kite nov 2013The fluffy white clouds were beautiful; the kite of many colors was beautiful against the clouds and the blue sky.  Of course, I didn’t have my camera.  But a few days later the blue sky was again filled with the pretty white fluff.  I took a photo of the sky, printed it on fabric and re-created from my memory the kite I had seen that first day — added a few more kites.

This QuiltToon is 15″ X 12.”  Machine pieced, appliqued and quilted. Completed Nov. 2013.



About QuiltToonist

I'm a news junkie and have opinions about everything! I consider myself a folk artist because I have no formal art training and use the sewing skills I learned many moons ago to accomplish the fiber art I seem to have to express.
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8 Responses to Go Fly a Kite!

  1. Sr. Mary says:

    This fills my heart with happiness! Beautiful, Judy.


  2. Beth says:

    This makes me happy, and wish that Spring was coming rather than Winter. 🙂 Beth


    • QuiltToonist says:

      I’ll use this one in the class because if you buy cloud fabric…the pattern repeats itself and doesn’t look as good. this use of photos could be used for many backgrounds. Thanks Beth

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  3. Joyce loewen says:

    Darling! So soft o colorful. One of my favorites. Do you sell these?


    • judykp@buckeye-express.com says:

      Thanks Joyce.  I offer them for sale, but I don’t have many takers.  I think people can’t picture them hanging on their wall, etc.  the way they might hang a painting/photograph.  Judy


  4. Richard says:

    I love all the wonderful colors In the kites and the clouds are beautiful. You have such a rare talent. I would give anything for a talent like yours. Keep them coming.
    Love, Richard


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