To Keep Him Close

Shirt jpg quiltMar 2014The story of a woman who made her husband’s shirts into a quilt when he died so that she might keep him close to her, touched my heart and seemed like a perfect idea for an art quilt.  So here it is:  Machine pieced and quilted, 35″ X 30″, machine and hand appliqued and embroidered. Clouds are painted.


About QuiltToonist

I'm a news junkie and have opinions about everything! I consider myself a folk artist because I have no formal art training and use the sewing skills I learned many moons ago to accomplish the fiber art I seem to have to express.
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8 Responses to To Keep Him Close

  1. tahree lane says:

    Hi Judy,
    A friend did the same with her husband’s t-shirts — he was a runner and lots.
    I’ll get overto see the Prizm show soon.


  2. Lupusdiva says:

    Reblogged this on Your Original LUPUSDIVA…. and commented:
    This is just beautiful. Really made me teary eyed.


  3. Maty Lee Grabowski says:

    Your quilts are beautiful. So thoughtful. I love the stories they tell


  4. Sr. Mary says:

    When her sister died, one of our Sisters quilted a prayer shawl for each of her sister’s children and husband from an article of her sister’s clothing that they each chose. It was very touching. She included a fabric pen for them to write memories on the shawl.

    Either way we continue to look for ways to keep our loved ones close.


  5. Richard says:

    Judy, this quilt has got to be one of your very best. The colors and the arrangement of all the colors are just captivating. I really love it. Thanks for bringing such beautiful things into world. Keep up the great work. Richard Hipp


  6. Beth says:

    I wish I had the creativity to develop these ideas as you do. Maybe someday… if I hang out with you enough! 🙂 Beth


  7. Kristine Barrett says:

    What a beautiful quilt! When we lost my brother-in-law, I wanted to do that too. Just didn’t get enough shirts. You are so talented! You must have gotten all of the creative genes and left none for me. 😉.


  8. Dale Burnett says:

    I love it Judy! I feel the same way about some of the quilts that come into the shop to be quilted made from loved ones clothes.


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