A Little Sarcasm Never Hurts

Syrian woman edited

This Syrian refugee I have depicted here says:  “Oh yes, we are very happy to be living in this tent instead of our family home in Syria.  I was happy to see the bombs fall.  And then what good exercise we had, walking 20 miles…the kids loved it.  I’m looking forward to having the new baby in the tent during the rainy season… it will be great!”

If I had been bombed out of my home, shot at while fleeing, and/or gassed in some way, I would take my family and run as fast as I could.  I would go to where there was help.  BUT I would rather be in my own country, eating the food I’m used to, speaking the language I learned as a child, living in the neighborhoods where my family lived.  In my short experience as a volunteer in Toledo, Ohio, the Syrian refugees who came here had been investigated for 18-24 months; they were teachers, construction workers, and had owned businesses in Syria.   They had to leave or be killed.  We need to welcome them and help as much as possible.

QuiltToon is 20″ X 13,” machine pieced and machine and  hand appliqued.   Completed March 24, 2017.