The QuiltToonist is a log of of the fiber art I create out of the memories and commentary I just seem to have the need to express.  These ideas are told with fabric and thread through the making of small fiber art quilts – QuiltToonsTM -everything ranging from politics to memories spent with grandchildren.   Because I am self-taught I consider myself a folk artist.  I did learn to sew in 4-H many moons ago in rural Central Kansas; but I have no training in art.  This blog is a way of having the creative work “shown.” And hopefully adding to the purpose and meaning of my life.   My professional career was, in general, communications.  At various times, I was a local television reporter, a talk show host, a public relations specialist, and, my last employment was as the coordinator of a program that supported grandparents and other relatives who were rearing relatives’ children.  I have a Master’s Degree in Communications from Bowling Green State University.  I have one husband, four children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, one cat and two dogs.

All text and photographs in this blog are under copyright.     QuiltToonsTM QuiltToonistTM and QuiltToonTM are trade marked.


One Response to About

  1. Sandra Ediger Thompson says:

    Your website is truly amazing. Your quilts, your “Tillie’s Story”, your cleaver QuiltToons all remind me of the talent I always knew you had. I am so happy that Dwight shared your site with me!


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