Finished four QuiltToons this morning …

Posted on November 26, 2013by 

I used the same photograph of the sky, that I took awhile back, (and then used it  to make a kite QuiltToon) to make this one, which as you can see, is about drying clothes on the clothesline.  I took a photo many years ago on a Saturday morning in rural northwest Ohio of laundry drying on the line on a beautiful sunny, fluffy-cloud day.  Thus this QuiltToon is titled “Saturday Morning.”laundryThis pillow was made from a photograph I took in Wichita, Kansas at Hat Man Jack’s.hat man jacks

“You Are Here” is made for the “assignment” by the Art Quilt group I belong to to make a map quilt.  This was hard for me for some you are here

The last one I finished this morning was at the request of a new friend, Ann, who wanted the QuiltToon I had made like this one, which had the words “Never a Bride” on the finished piece, made for her but without those words.  The abandoned house with the curtains fluttering out the window spoke to her of her mother who had suffered from dementia and had died two years ago.  I felt privileged to make this for her.curtains


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