4-H 1956 Memories from Central Kansas

Jeannie and I were in 4-H in Central Kansas near Hutchinson.  One year, when we were about 13, we both showed our heifers — mine a Jersey, hers a Holstein — at the Reno County Fair in 1956.  We both won red ribbons.   In making this QuiltToon I recalled the 4-H Pledge and was so happy that I could recite it correctly even before I found it on-line!  I also found a 4-H pin from those days and affixed it to the quilt.  I’m not completely happy with the way this turned out — my heifer’s head looks more like a deer!   But I do like our saddle shoes, the big flower and the border.  It was also fun to make because it brought back many memories of my younger days in Kansas.   

28″ X 23″.  Machine pieced and top stitched.  Hand appliqued.  Machine and had embroidered.  A small mount of fusible webbing and fabric painting.

The Photo and Text © 2011


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