A Self Portrait By Daphne

Three years ago, my, then 4-year-old, granddaughter, Daphne, drew the self-portrait on the left.  I decided it would be a great subject for a QuiltToon™  .  I must say, her drawing is much more engaging than my quilt. But I still had it framed for us.   Drawing and quilt are each about 9″ X 12″.   Drawing is with colored markers.  QuiltToon™  is hand appliqued and embroidered.  Completed in 2007.

The Photo and Narrative © 2010


3 Responses to A Self Portrait By Daphne

  1. Frances says:

    I really LOVE this one. What a special gift you have been given, to see the “toons”
    to quilt in almost anything and everything relating to your family. I’ll continue checking in.


  2. Cindy (your daughter) says:

    I never saw this. Adorable!


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