Angel with His Jesus App

He came in my hospital room, smiled, introduced himself and offered to pray for me.  How could I, better yet, why would I, say no to this sweet, older gentleman who volunteers his time with the sole purpose of giving comfort and healing to patients.

So he prayed for me and wished me all the best.  I was feeling a little blue that morning so as he was heading toward the door, I remarked, “Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

He quickly turned facing me and asserted, “Just remember, Jesus is always with you.”  He fished around in his jacket pocket, came up empty-handed and said, “I don’t have any cards to give you with Jesus’ picture on them.”  Then he brightened up, brought his phone out from his pants’ pocket and said, “I have a picture of Him on my phone.”

I was so touched by his faith and his sweetness; I said, “You have a direct line!”

He smiled and went on his way.  He had accomplished his mission; because of his caring, I felt comforted and peaceful about my health in the days to come.

In my mind, he became my angel-in-disguise and I portrayed him that way in this QuiltToon.   Before beginning to work on this project, I was telling my friend, Lynn, about it, she listened and said I should title it “The Jesus App.”  What a great title!  I asked her if I could use her idea and she said, “Sure.”   (By the way, if you google “Jesus App,” 125,000  sites will be listed.)

The QuiltToon is 22″ X 20″.   It is hand and machine appliqued.  Hand and machine embroidered. Machine top-stitched.  Painted on fabric and printed on fabric.

The copyright of the image on the QuiltToon remains with Judy Paschalis.  Completed Jan. 2012.

The Photo and Text © 2012


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