Incongruity Theory of Humor

In con w studio liteMy husband and I both laughed when we saw a big biker-looking guy similar to the one in this QuiltToon™  walking a little fru-fru dog.  Turns out there are theories of humor and one of them is based on this sort of incongruity — incongruous events, people, or things we observe — things that make us smile or even lol (my 20-year-old son says I need to include that “lol” means “laugh out loud” because some old folks may not know what “lol” means — to him we say:  “LOL.”)   Anywhoozle, I found all this out when I googled “incongruity” and all this stuff about theories of humor appeared.  According to Wikipedia, “Francis Hutcheson expressed, in Thoughts on Laughter (1725), what became a key concept in the evolving theory of the comic:  laughter as a response to the perception of inconguity.”

The QuiltToon  is 24″ X 22.”  Machine pieced, hand and machine appliquéd and embroidered.  Machine top-stitched. A small amount of fusible webbing and fabric glue was used.   The copyright of the image on the QuiltToon remains with J.P. The Photo and Text © 2012  


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