Kansas Sandhills Farmer

I visited my life-long friend’s father one summer day at noon-time and took a photo of him hoeing the sandy Kansas soil.  The red tractor was a great visual treat.  The inset is of a sign he had at the produce stand by the road, under the trees, at the front of his house. “Help Self … Leave Money In Can.”  The over-sized bird on the fence post is the Kansas state bird the meadowlark, which has a beautiful song that is heard especially at sunrise and sunset.You can hear the meadowlark song at the link below. Shown at the June 5 & 6, 2010 Perrysburg Fiber Arts show in Perrysburg, Ohio.   I sent this QuiltToon  to my friend for her August birthday in 2010.   28″ X 24″ – machine pieced and top-stitched.  Machine and hand appliqued and embroidered.  Face is painted.  Completed 2010.

The Photos and Narrative © 2010



One Response to Kansas Sandhills Farmer

  1. Karen Harvey says:

    Love this. This looks like my granddad. He was raised in Kansas, then farmed in Colorado.


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