What if gravity didn’t exist?

The idea for this QuiltToon  was made in response to a Quilting Arts Magazine “Reader Challenge” to answer the question “What if ….?”  (The challenge wanted  the “What if…? ” question to be answered by something more personal which I made and posted before …it’s titled, “What if the flu pandemic had not swept through Kansas?”  It can be found in Memory QuiltToons™.)
But, personal thoughts aside, I liked the whimsy of the idea of what would happen if gravity didn’t exist.


QuiltToon™ is 14″ X 23.”  I took a photo of a great red and white house, added some brick on the front, put in Isaac, his mom, dog and lots of apples all tethered to the ground or fence. Photo printed on material using the tiling option (1/4 of the photo on each 81/2″ x 11″ material sheet.)  It used machine embroidered script;  hand applique; and,  machine top-stitched.


Copyright:  photo and text, Judy Paschalis 2012.



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