What If the Flu Pandemic Had Not Swept Through Kansas?

I made this QuiltToon™  for the “What If?”  reader challenge in the February/March Quilting Arts magazine.  (I didn’t make the cut – “Boo Hoo.”) The subject is the Flu Pandemic that swept through Kansas in 1918.  My grandmother died then, at age 43, when my mother was 8 years old.  This tragedy coupled with my mother’s father’s death 4 years later sent her life on a trajectory that I am convinced would not have been followed if the family had remained as a family in the Mennonite community near Buhler, Kansas.  I believe that she would have led a much happier personal life that actually would mean that my sister, brother and I would not have been born!   I will add this to “Tillie’s Story” at some point.

The QuiltToon is 12″ X 12″.  Machine pieced, embroidered and top-stitched.  Hand and machine appliqued.  Completed in April 2012.

Photo and Text © 2012


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