“Are they done yet?”

Are they done yet 2 2016

This QuiltToon, “Are they done yet?” will be shown at the Hudson Gallery in Sylvania, Ohio, starting with the opening night on Sept. 2, 2016 and will run until Sept. 24, 2016.  The theme of the Hudson’s Invitational Exhibition is “The Artist’s Kitchen.”

This piece is framed in a 12″ X 12″ shadow box.  It is made of fabric, thread and buttons.  Machine pieced and quilted and hand appliqued.

Completed June 14, 2016.

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Wedding for Bill and Jim

Jim and Bill

After more than 30 years, they are tying the knot.  Our good friends Bill and Jim are getting married April 2, 2016.

This QuiltToon is made from fabric and thread and a small amount of beading.  It’s about 9″ X 11,” completed in March 2016.

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Sunday Afternoon Drive

On a Sunday afternoon drive, I took this photo in late fall in lower rural Michigan.  I loved the old FARMALL tractor, the barns and, I beleive, the field of kale.  It is printed on fabric and enhanced with thread.  I also added the American flag on the barn.  This piece is 8″ X 12.”  Completed March 2016.Rural Michigan 2016

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“Jubilee” to Honor Jacob Lawrence


This piece was made to enter in Prizm Creative Community’s Art-A-Fair challenge called “Jubilee Journey” in Toledo, Ohio.  This quilt is 24″ by 32″ and is inspired by the work of Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000)who was raised in Harlem and began painting in the 1930s.  Lawrence was the first American artist of African descent to be represented by a major commercial gallery.   Lawrence’s work can be found on the internet.

The Prizm exhibit will be April 9th through June 18, 2016 at the Fifth Third center at One Seagate.  The opening reception is April 9, 3 to 6 p.m.  This is the 10th Art-A-Fair where several hundred works of art in all mediums, including literature, are shown — works do not have to be on the challenge theme of “Jubilee Journey.”   Entries close March 19, 2016.  Go to http://www.MyPrizm.com to enter.

This quilt is is machine pieced and quilted.  Machine thread painted and appliqued. Hand embroidered.  A small amount of  beading is used.  Completed March 2016.

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“Tillie’s Story” Quilts on Exhibit


The sixteen small (12″ X 12″) quilted illustrations of my Mother’s life growing up in a Kansas Mennnonite community in the early 1900s will be on display at the Albuquerque, New Mexico Mennonite Church from Feb. 14th through April 10, 2016.

The one shown here pictures the aftermath of a tornado that came through Buhler, Kansas while my Mother was teaching in the one room Lakeside School.  The tornado moved the school off its foundation but no one was hurt.  On the blog pull down the Tillie’s Story menu to see the entire story on PDF or PowerPoint.

The exact address of the Church where the quilts will be on exhibit is:

Albuquerque  Mennonite  Church
1300 Girard Blvd. NE
Albuquerque ,  NM 87106
Exhibit to be shown in the Higher Ground /Art Cafe

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McDs – a Beacon in the Smog

Smog 2016 FinalI saw this image on the news during the December 2015 climate talks in France —  McDonald’s ubiquitous arches shining through the smog in Beijing.  What a comment on our civilization today… not sure what the comment is…but it’s definitely saying something not very positive, I imagine.

QuiltToon is 16″ X 11.5″.  It’s hand and machine embroidered. Machine pieced and quilted.   Completed Jan. 2016.

PS:  I love McDs.  That says something about me, doesn’t it!

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The Frog, His Tongue and The Fly

frogs ed

This QuiltToon is just one that shows my sense of humor.  I came up with this idea trying to figure out how to use the piece of woven material that you see here as the tongue.  About a yard or two of the woven piece was given to each of the members of the Art Quilt Group, that I attend monthly, with the challenge to see what we would do with it. I also wanted to go back to what I originally made when I started about 10 years ago, that being a pieced border.  I used fusible webbing, raw edge applique, buttons and beads for eyes and a multi-colored voile over the background to create a shiny watery look.

The QuiltTooon is 22″ X 16″.  Completed Oct. 20, 201

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Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015This is the fourth QuiltToon I have made with autumn as the theme using the confetti technique.   (The confetti technique involves using snippets of fabric to portray, in this case, the leaves.  The snippets are held in place with netting and free motion stitching.)  I delineated the tree trunks with fabric markers and deepened the sky color with a blue fabric marker.  It is 12″ X 12″ and was made in response to a challenge by the Art Quilt Group I attend to make a quilt with “fall” as the theme.

Completed Oct. 9, 2015.

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Election 2016 — A Lot of Hot Air

Election Hot Air 2016I hate to be such a cynic; but geez, there’s hardly a serious subject discussed by candidates for our president.  Maybe it’s just the “silly season” as some pundits say — and, by the way, hot air is also coming from the media as well — in my humble opinion.  Anyway, this QuiltToon was a great excercise in hand appliqueing curves.  I did pretty well on some, not so much on others.    It’s 29″ X 23,” hand appliqued, machine pieced, quilted and embroidered.

Completed Sept. 2015.

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Tents Are Home to Millions of War Refugees

Paschalis.Judy-Tents Are Home-FULL

In June of 2014, this quilt, “Tents Are Home to Millions of War Refugees,”  was made in response to the International Quilt Festival’s call for entries for an exhibit titled “Home.”  The quilt has been exhibited in at least two shows in the past year.  At the time, thousands of people — entire families– had fled from their homes to the safety of refugee camps in neighboring countries that were not at war.    As of today, things are much worse, especially in Syria.  Hundreds of thousands of people are risking their lives to travel across the sea in rubber rafts and then, if they do not drown, to try to walk to Europe which is now curtailing their travels.  You’ve no doubt seen the videos of folks carrying babies and belongings to try to reach safety and some modicum of comfort.   Many interviewees have said that to stay in Syria is certain death.

The quilt is 50″ X 50.”   It is machine and hand appliqued.  It is embellished with string, beads and small replicas of wooden clothespins.

It was completed in May 2014.

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