Karl Rove’s Amazing Evangelical Jack-in-the-Box

The Evangelical Jack-In-The-Box

I became disgusted with the cynical and “without scruples” actions of Karl Rove before the 2004 election. The Republican’s urged the religious right to get out the vote with fears of gays by getting an anti-gay marriage issue on the Ohio ballot and remember the big scare about the fact that Sponge Bob holds hand with Gary!!!! Also, fanning the abortion flames didn’t hurt. But the minute the election was over there was no talk of any of this…at one of George Bush’s first speeches he was talking about saving Social Security, lowering taxes and tort reform. I completed this quilt in 2004 showing that Karl Rove was shoving the Evangelical Jack-In-The-Box back in the box until needed again in 2008. As the 2008 election rolled around I thought my quilt was incorrect, until sure enough, Sarah Palin hit the stage. If you remember, leaders of the religious right tried to tell Senator Arlen Spector, at that time a Republican, who he ought to back for the Supreme Court — from a distance it seemed this effort by James Dobson of Focus on the Family was squashed. The people to the right would seem to have been used and abused. 25″ X 21″ – machine pieced and top-stitched. Hand appliqued and embroidered. Completed in 2005.

The Photo and Narrative © 2010


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