Tents Are Home to Milllions of War Refugees

Paschalis.Judy-Tents Are Home-FULL

In June of 2014, this quilt, “Tents Are Home to Millions of War Refugees,”  was made in response to the International Quilt Festival’s call for entries for an exhibit titled “Home.”  The quilt has been exhibited in at least two shows in the past year.  At the time, thousands of people — entire families– had fled from their homes to the safety of refugee camps in neighboring countries that were not at war.    As of today, things are much worse, especially in Syria.  Hundreds of thousands of people are risking their lives to travel across the sea in rubber rafts and then, if they do not drown, to try to walk to Europe which is now curtailing their travels.  You’ve no doubt seen the videos of folks carrying babies and belongings to try to reach safety and some modicum of comfort.   Many interviewees have said that to stay in Syria is certain death.

The quilt is 50″ X 50.”   It is machine and hand appliqued.  It is embellished with string, beads and small replicas of wooden clothespins.

It was completed in May 2014.