The Arab Spring Facebook Revolution

All during the Arab Spring uprisings, it was repeatedly reported by those involved and the media that Facebook and other social media were heavily utilized by, especially the younger people, to communicate and organize their protests and other events.   So I thought we would certainly want to “remove” the dictators of the various countries as our “Friends.”    One of the signs in the protest had the words “GAME OVER” — I believe it was Egypt, so I included that message.   And, I included the Saudi Arabian woman driving because women driving to protest the ban on their driving is one of the latest forms of protest in the Middle East countries.   I certainly hope no one thinks I am taking the seriousness of the Arab Spring uprisings lightly.  Some reports show that up to 15,000 people have died, 40,000 have been injured and thousands have been uprooted and are refugees.

This QuiltToon™ is 18″ X 12″.  Machine pieced and embroidered.  Some fusible webbing used; buttons and ribbons.

The Photo and Text © 2011

The copyright of the image on the QuiltToon™  remains with Judy Paschalis.


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