Urban Renewal? or Removal? The gentrification quandary.

A true story of the gentrification quandary:  “What’re doin’,” he said as I knelt on the sidewalk planting marigolds and other flowers that would withstand the heat and lack of water around the tree.  I looked up to see a small, thin and very inebriated man bobbing and weaving toward me, a bottle in a brown paper bag in his hand.   I said, “I’m planting flowers.”  Anger sparked in his black and yellowed eyes, or maybe it was resentment.  He said, “Flowers,uhmpf …  ain’t you special.”  He sloshed  his way on by me, leaving me to ponder the relationship between those of us – mostly white – who  were encroaching on an area with real people living there, with our ideas of “saving  the neighborhood.”

This QuiltToon is 17″ X 22″.  Machine pieced.  Machine and hand embroidered and appliqued.  Some fusible webbing used.    Completed May 2011.

The Photo and Text © 2011


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