bp – Fix This!

The Ugly Oil Spill QuiltToon™

The oil spill is ugly and so is this quilt.   I had purchased the brown-with-lime- green-splotched-through-it fabric some time ago — the fabric also has gold flecks! I think I bought it because it’s so ugly. Then the Deepwater Horizon oil explosion happened (April 20, 2010)and the material said “oil spill” to me. (Quilters always have a great stash of material on hand for whatever ideas come along.) A newscast said that BP had written a memo/letter saying that nothing bad could ever happen; but if it did, they would fix it. So bp- FIX THIS! This Quilttoon  was completed June 2010. The oil well was finally capped on July 15, 2010…but experts are saying cleaning-up the damage to the environment, businesses, families, to say nothing of the way of life along the Gulf Coast, will take decades, if it’s ever back the way it was before April 20, 2010.      20″ X 18″ – machine pieced, quilted and top-stitched. Machine embroidered, and machine and hand appliqued.

Photo and narrative © 2010



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