Tillie’s Story

Tillie’s Story  PowerPoint

Tillie’s Story 2015 PDF

My Mother, Matilda Heidebrecht Funderburk, 1910-2004, was born in a rural central Kansas Mennonite community.

On either of the links above you will find “Tillie’s Story” in the narrative and photographs of sixteen small quilts I made depicting stories she told of her life.  I also did research about the Mennonite communities that came to America in the late 1800s.

It is written as a children’s story for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


8 Responses to Tillie’s Story

  1. Richard Hipp says:

    Judy, what a great thing for you to do for the family. It is really well done and well written.


  2. Sheila McLain says:

    Judy, I thoroughly enjoyed Tillie’s Story. I didn’t know so much about your family. It is so very interesting. I will always remember and have fond memories of the three years we were neighbors. I loved to come to your house, as I am sure you noticed. I think I went every day. You are very talented. I hope I can get a copy of the book, and your quilting is beautiful.


  3. Kristine Heide Barrett says:

    I was very interested to read this! Your mother and my grandfather were siblings. My grandfather was her oldest brother, Edward. He died the year after I was born, so I don’t know much about this side of our family. My dad, Arnold “Ed” Heide, doesn’t know much either of the family history. It is so sad that the family was torn apart. My dad says that grandpa had to move back to help care for some of his siblings, but those must have been the older ones. We were just looking up family history tonight and he was talking about his Aunt Tillie. I am excited to share your blog with him! I would love to know more of the history if you are willing to share. Your quilts are so lovely!


  4. Jean Archer says:

    You are amazing!Jean


  5. Paul says:

    Very nice Judy…I now know where some of your values came from.


  6. Judy says:

    Great story and cool quilts. I always liked your mother.


  7. Cori Mikeals says:

    I just think this is absolutly amazing! I have learned so much more about our heritage along with my Great Grandma Tillie who never forgot a special day! Before she passed, her & I always kept in contact with letters, cards & pictures. She thought her Great Great Grandbabies were wonderful! She truely was a blessing to me & dearly missed!

    Love you Grandma & Great Grandma Tillie!


  8. What beautiful work, Judy. Thank you for sharing. Tillie’s Story was moving. What a treasure for you and your family.


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