Washington Tangled Web

Washington Tangled WebIt’s pretty bad when you can’t believe anything coming out of our country’s leaders’ mouths.   The morning brings one statement, the night the opposite.  One higher up contradicts what another VIP says.  And it seems deliberate from where I sit.  A tangled web of lies.  This leaves the promise of our beautiful country and democracy, which our flag represents, in tatters.

18″ X 15″ – machine pieced and appliqued.  Hand embroidery on verbiage. A small amount of beading. Completed April 28, 2017.


About QuiltToonist

I'm a news junkie and have opinions about everything! I consider myself a folk artist because I have no formal art training and use the sewing skills I learned many moons ago to accomplish the fiber art I seem to have to express.
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2 Responses to Washington Tangled Web

  1. Espirational says:

    I love this! I made a post inauguration piece called unraveled as I watched the very fabric of our country unraveling.


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