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Washington Tangled Web

It’s pretty bad when you can’t believe anything coming out of our country’s leaders’ mouths.   The morning brings one statement, the night the opposite.  One higher up contradicts what another VIP says.  And it seems deliberate from where I … Continue reading

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A Little Sarcasm Never Hurts

This Syrian refugee I have depicted here says:  “Oh yes, we are very happy to be living in this tent instead of our family home in Syria.  I was happy to see the bombs fall.  And then what good exercise … Continue reading

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Election 2016 — A Lot of Hot Air

Electino 2016- hot air rises over the land. Continue reading

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Payola Power In Politics

While all the billions from Super PACs, corporations, unions and lobbyists are flowing into politics, the”red, white, and blue” American flag is becoming tattered and, more importantly, our democracy is being put in the trash can.   May I add … Continue reading

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